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Two raw wahoo steaks on the bone style
Wahoo / Kingfish steaks
Wahoo is a famous sporting fish found in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean. No doubt Ernest Hemingway caught a few (but he called it kingfish). These are on-the-bone steaks.
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Warty Venus Clams
Warty Venus clams
Despite the spectacularly unattractive name, this is a pretty good clam. In France, it's known as the praire and generally considered to be on a par with the palourde. Often eaten raw, with just a squeeze of lemon juice. Has decent-sized...
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Whole red mullet
Red mullet - whole
A taste of summer. The smell of red mullet cooking on a grill will transport you straight back to your last Mediterranean holiday. These fish are cleaned and scaled. 2,000 years ago, show-off Romans had a mania for red mullet. According...
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Two skinless sturgeon fillet steaks
Sturgeon fillet steaks
These are farmed Siberian (Baerii) sturgeon from a French caviar farm. Sturgeon meat has an excellent flavour, firm texture and no small bones.
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King crab prime sections raw
King crab prime sections - raw
As an alternative to our cooked giant red crab, we now offer the same item raw. Cook easily in boiling water. These sections are five to eight inches long. We also sell less expensive lower legs sections.
From £27.10 £54.10
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Two king crab claw arms raw
King crab claw arms - raw
As an alternative to our cooked king crab, we now offer the same item raw. Cooks easily in boiling water. These are crushing claw arms with a huge claw on the end.
From £21.10 £42.10
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Two fine fresh blue cod fillets
Blue Cod Fillets
Blue cod is exclusively found in New Zealand. Our supply came from the Chatham Islands which are East of New Zealand and well and truly in the middle of no-where. Blue cod is not related to the common British Atlantic cod or the Alaskan...
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Sturgeon sashimi strip
Shirochozame - sashimi white sturgeon
This is oil-rich meat of the white sturgeon. It's a rare but fabulous eat.
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Two blue abalone from New Zealand
The shell of the abalone (it rhymes with baloney by the way, and is also known as ormer) is a nondescript grey-brown outside but with a fabulous mother of pearl inside. You will keep it forever. New Zealand Blue Abalone: These stunning...
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Potted crab on toast
Potted crab
Delicious and different. Made by a passionate crab entrepreneur, this is the same recipe as potted shrimp - complete with mace and clarified butter - but applied to crab. It has the special savoury appeal of brown crab meat (20%) plus...
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Two fresh yellowtail king fish fillet steaks
Yellowtail kingfish fillet steaks
Yellowtail is an attractive fish with white flesh and just a touch of oil. Highly prized by the Japanese sashimi trade, it is farmed in Australia and one or two other countries. This fish finds its way into all the world’s best sushi...
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Two New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
These are the primmest and most convenient pieces of our NZ snapper. The flesh is delicious and so is the skin. Much loved by all seafood eating Kiwis.
From £12.30 £17.50
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