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Spanish Kombu Seaweed

Organic Dried Kombu Seaweed

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Kelp or Kombu is a seaweed that can grow to enormous lengths - over 30 metres - in dense forests which may extend for thousands of acres. A favourite nibble of sea urchins, kelp (kombu in Japan) has many uses from thickening ice cream to wrapping sushi rolls. Kelp is a staple of Asian cuisines, for flavouring, garnishing and to make snacks. Grown in Portugal and Galicia, Spain. Hand harvested by divers. Latin name: Laminaria ochroleuca

  • Rich in iodine, magnesium and vitamins B9 and K
  • Great source of fibre and protein
  • Sugar free
  • Low fat


Organic kombu (100%)
It may contain traces of molluscs, crustacean and fish.

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