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Mixed sizes of cleaned oyster shells

Oyster shells

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These are cleaned and matched cup-shaped oyster shells. Perfect for serving oysters and many other items. Please note that the outside of an oyster shell is made up of very thin protruding layers like a ballerina’s tutu. Keeping it 100% intact without any chips is all but impossible in normal use. The shells offered here are clean and serviceable but they are not perfect in every detail. These oyster shells can be used as unique serving dishes or as decorations. Recently, we've been supplying many oyster shells for weddings for interesting table ornaments containing people place settings. NOTE: the supply of the oyster shells is variable and they do go out of stock from time to time. If so, just get in touch and ask us when they're coming back. 

Size guide:
Small: Under 9cm
Medium: 9cm-11cm
Large: Over 11cm

Featured customer reviews

  • "Fantastic. We're for play props, and the producer was thrilled not very expensive either...The shells are huge and fascinating"
  • "Shells came well presented and got a lovely selection of oyster shells, they were all perfect. Would highly recommend."
  • "Fabulous oyster shells, good price, good protective packaging! 10 out of 10."


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