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If you  would like to have a discussion about how we could support your business please email: or call 01428 687768

The Fish Society has been selling high-quality seafood to customers nationwide for over 25 years. Whilst our primary customer is the individual in their own home we also supply restaurants, caterers and retailers. 

Our speciality is the wide range of fish that we supply (usually over 400 seafood lines). We can work with you to supply a range to suit your menu, event or shop range. 

We believe that frozen fish is often 'fresher' than what is sold as fresh fish which can be weeks old. We have nationwide distribution to deliver fresh-frozen seafood. We can ship individual boxes up to full pallets depending on your requirements. Frozen fish is also better from a supply standpoint, we can confidently maintain a consistent supply for you to draw down on at a consistent price.