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A pan full of huge peeled scampi with lemon
The peeled scampi meat comes from large langoustines

Peeled scampi

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Scampi is the meat from inside the tail of the langoustine. These grades are rarely seen outside the smartest restaurants and hotels, and despite the prices, peeled scampi is one of our most popular items. The Scottish scampi is unsurpassed. XL size contains about 12 pieces of scampi per 190g pack - that’s around 16 grams each, which is a serious mouthful. Size L (when available) are about 10g each - which is still a huge piece of scampi. Our peeled scampi is unique because we use no glaze (added water) when freezing. We always sell 100% scampi and will never comprimise on this. If you like a coated oven bake scampi we also offer great battered scampi and breaded scampi options. 

  •  Origin: Scottish
  • 100% peeled langoustine tails. AKA peeled scampi
  • Wholetail scampi
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