Prawn & leek gyoza
500g / c20 pieces
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Prawn & Leek Gyoza

Prawn & leek gyoza - About 20 pieces

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c20 pieces / 500g / 10+ available
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Product Information
  • Each pack contains about 20 pieces
  • These gyozas can be steamed or fried
  • We recommend to serve about 3-4 pieces per person 

 A traditional Chinese treat! Gyozas are little parcels filled with flavour, wrapped in a thin dough. They can be cooked from frozen just  steamed or fried in a little oil. They make a perfect party snack or they can be served as part of a meal. We were lucky enough to try some samples at the office, they were all around crowd pleasers. These gyoza without a doubt are a step up from the standard one you would find at your local supermarket.  The filling has lovely big pieces of prawns, leek, a little cabbage and seasoned perfectly. The only thing you require is a little soy sauce for dipping! 

We also sell a prawn and beetroot gyoza, both great freezer fillers

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