Premium Scottish smoked salmon
200g / 1 sachet

Premium Scottish smoked salmon - 1 Sachet

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1 sachet / 200g / 10+ available
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Product Information

This small smokehouse uses pretty much the same fish as our other suppliers of farmed smoked salmon. But it doesn’t hurry, and takes extra care in the finer details of the smoking process. The salmon fillets are rope hung during smoking and are carved. The slices are d-cut (cut horizontally). It has a fuller and smokier flavour than the other smoked salmon we offer. It is cured for slightly longer leaving the slices with less residual fat and oil. The pictures show the lovely packaging and the care taken in presenting these packs. They are a particularly popular choice when giving smoked salmon as a gift at Christmas. We've also got pictures of a rope hung hand-sliced smoked salmon side; we don't stock these but can be available upon request with a lead time if you're interested.

  • Smoked and prepared in Cumbria
  • Attractive packaging, making it a stunning gift
  • Crafted by hand to ensure top quality every time
  • Rich smokey flavour
  • Multi international food tasting award-winning smoked salmon
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Farmed Salmon, Salt, Sugar.

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Buying Guide
Price per kilo £80.50/kg

 (Based on our price for 1 pack. Multi-pack prices are lower.)

The following is a general buying guide for our complete smoked salmon range:

  • Serving guide - 50-75g starter or 100-150g main 
  • Cold smoked / hot smoked - Cold smoked salmon is the universal version. Hot smoked is less well known – at the same time as being smoked, it was also cooked. Hot smoked doesn’t come in thin slices. But it crumbles into nice flakes.
  • Typical freezing date – 6 months before despatch
  • Typical Best Before date♦ – 6 months after despatch
  • In winter months, we allow FishRJumpin and Premium smoked salmon to go by mail. Smoking is an effective form of preservation so these packs can cope with 48 hours out of the fridge during the winter. You can still store in your freezer, although smoked salmon will keep for 10 days in your fridge. Other kinds of smoked salmon are not suitable for despatch by mail, even in the winter.


♦ Please note that best before dates are not expiry dates. Frozen fish does not go off on its best before date. Detectable deterioration in taste will begin, yet it will remain perfectly palatable for several more months. Nevertheless, ideally you should eat our frozen fish within three months of receiving it. The best before date refers to industrial storage which is colder and more effective than home storage.

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Frozen Stored frozen at -22C
Chilled Stored at 2-5C
Ambient Stored at room temperature


The area where the fish was caught or farmed


Wild or Farmed
 Wild  Fish that are caught from their natural habitat
 Organic  Organically farmed and certified by the soil association
 Farmed  Fish that have been bred on a commercial fish farm


Raw This product has not been cooked in any way
Cooked This product has been cooked, and is ready to eat
Cured This product has been smoked or otherwise preserved
Reheat This product has been prepared and only needs to be heated up to eat.


Catch Method
Hand pole & line Caught using the traditional fishing rod and line
Longline Caught using a long line that has baited hooks and floats attached along its length
Dived Hand caught using divers
Foraged Caught by foraging along the beach
Pots & Traps Caught using stationary pots or traps that are placed along the ocean floor.
Dredges Caught using a net with a heavy steel frame that is dragged along the ocean floor.
Gill netting Caught using a curtain of netting that hangs in the water using floats. Usually does not touch the ocean floor.
Seine net Caught using a ring of netting in the open ocean with floats at the top and pinched at the bottom.
Trawled Caught using a large fishing net dragged behind a fishing boat
Netted Caught using any of the types of netting

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