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A tray bake of prime cod misshapes

Prime cod misshapes

From £5.40

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Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make our signature fillet steak cuts. They’re boneless and skinless.  Don't let the name 'misshapes' put you off, they're still every bit as fresh and tasty as the flesh of a steak. They're just in awkward non-uniform shapes. But anyway, who would want to cut up a pristine fillet steak for a stir fry, tray-bake or kebab skewer? Thus, these make the perfect pieces of cod for such recipes. They're also much cheaper than our other cod offerings making this an everyday fish. When in stock we offer both our prime Atlantic cod misshapes and Skrei cod misshapes on this page. 

  • 1-2 portions per bag
  • Perfect cod chunks for recipes such as kebabs, stir fry and tray bakes
  • Cut from the same fish that our premier cod fillet steaks come from
  • 200g per bag 
  • Multi buy discounts available on the prime cod when stocks allow


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