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Half a dozen raw razorshell clams with lime

Razorshell clams

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Razors are little blighters to catch, but well worth the effort, as you get a lot of sweet-tasting meat inside. They are simplicity itself to prepare, following the directions on our pack. These are raw - defrost and treat just like live. Learn something every day: in Scotland, razors are ’spoots’.

Shelled meat is also available, these packs contain meat that has been carefully removed from the shell ready to be easily cooked.

Here's a great recipe with chorizo and broad beans from Mark Hix, who knows his fish. And there are three more below.


Clams With Pasta

An Italian classic

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Grilled Razorshell Clams

On the shell (and a bit more than grilled...)

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Razorshell Clam Chowder

No shells - an easy introduction to razorshells

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