Cod Liver Salad

Cod Liver Salad Recipe inherited from Russia
- 2 cans Icelandic Cod Livers 
- 2 large shallots finely chopped
- 150gms boiled carrots  (or canned in water) chopped finely
- 2 eggs hard-boiled
- 2 table spoons of good quality Mayonnaise 
- a handful of dill finely chopped
- thinly sliced cucumber 
Serves 2
Fry shallots in little oil till golden. Grate egg whites and yolks separately on a fine grater (or use a fork to mush finely).
Drain oil from cod livers cans and mash roughly, layer on the bottom of a dish. Layer fried shallots on top, sprinkle little salt & pepper and dill. Next layer is chopped carrots; spread mayonnaise on top, little salt and pepper again. Layer of egg whites next and yolks on top. Sprinkle a bit of dill on top and decorate with sliced cucumbers around. Serve with dark Rye toasted bread.


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