Glimpse Of An Idea For Cooking Cod Cheeks

*try "Kokochas"

"I had dinner yestarday in Aldaba, one of the restaurants in Madrid that now occupies a high place in my list of favourites.... Mar chose a dish that was offered several times to us since the mushroom season started, and quite frankly, I was very sceptical about the actual result. This dish is also what decided me to write about Aldaba. Kokotxas de bacalao al pil-pil (pil-pil sauce cod fish cheeks) with Boletus Edulis. I wasn't sure about how well the taste of the kokotxas and the mushroom will result. It was simply amazing! The textures were a perfect match, none of the flavours over-ruled the others (I was concerned about the pil-pil and the mushroom), and the whole set was delicious.' (alighted upon at These forums are a service of the Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancement of the culinary arts.")

You never know... it might work with monkfish cheeks. Incidentally, my research suggest kokotxas are in fact cod tongues. Well let's not get technical, but I do wonder which he ate in Aldaba.

Time on your hands? Here's an actual recipe. And very nicely presented.