Grilled Pilchards

Grilled pilchards

Serves 2


  • about 2lb/900g pilchards / sardines 
  • olive oil
  • lemon


  1. Clean the fish: hold one in your left hand (if right-handed) with the head facing away and the stomach pointing upwards. Using a sharp knife, pierce the anal vent and cut away from yourself up to the pilchard's chin.  Remove the innards with your finger then wash briefly under a running tap. 
  2. Dry the fish with kitchen towel than brush (and the grilling surface - to prevent sticking) with olive oil and cook for just a few minutes each side under a hot grill. Serve with half a lemon.
  3. To add a little finesse, use rosemary, coriander, tarragon and/or basil. Or spice things up with chilli, paprika or Tabasco sauce. Apply via a marinade (mixed with oil) for an hour after cleaning the fish, or sprinkle over the fish before grilling. 
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