Tri-Colour Chirashi Don with Uni, Ikura and Salmon Belly

1 tray of Uni (sea urchin)
1 fillet of Salmon belly
1 pot of Ikura (salmon roe)
1 cup uncooked Sushi rice
1 tablespoon of sushi vinegar
Pinch of sugar
Japanese soy sauce (for dipping)
Pinch of wasabi (for dipping)
Wash and rinse sushi rice until the water becomes clear. 
Cook sushi rice as per instructions. 
While waiting for the rice to cook, start slicing the salmon belly to your desired thickness. I find it easier to slice them when semi-frozen (ie. when it is not rock hard to cut but also a bit more solid!) 
Add sushi vinegar and sugar to the rice when it is cooked and still hot. Stir gently and take care not to break the rice granules. 
To serve, transfer a few spoonfuls of seasoned rice onto a bowl, and top with salmon belly, uni and ikura. 
Dip the sashimis into soy sauce (optional) and enjoy!