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Red mullet liver

Red mullet liver

From £2.60 £3.00

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OK. We know. To 99% of you, that picture is just... yuk. In fact the whole concept... you just don't understand it. OK. WE'RE TALKING TO THE ONE PER CENT. You know that this is a truly fabulous ingredient for fish sauces of every kind. It  thickens and contributes rich, RICH and UNIQUE flavours. Be the sauce king. Be the sauce queen.

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Lighter coloured herring roe
Herring roe
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Turbot roe
Turbot roe
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John Dory roe
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Cod liver on toast
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Sea Bass roe
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Brill roe
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Red Mullet roe
Red Mullet roe
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Cooked crayfish
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Two red mullet fillets
Red mullet fillets
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Herring melts on toast with parsley
Herring melts
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Two blue abalone from New Zealand
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Fish Roe
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Oysters - shelled
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Whole roeless smoked scallops
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Whole freshwater eel on ice
Freshwater eel - whole
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Salmon collars
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Frozen laver in a ramekin
Frozen laver
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Thin fillets of smoked eel presented with cress and lemon
Smoked eel
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Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
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Dried bombay duck and spices
Bombay duck
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Whole raw native lobster
Raw lobster
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Two raw al caprawns in fishing net with mussel shells
Al Caprawns
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A pan full of huge peeled scampi with lemon
Peeled scampi
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A pile of whitebait in fried presentation
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