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Whole red mullet
Red mullet - whole
A taste of summer. The smell of mullet cooking on a grill will transport you straight back to your last Mediterranean holiday. These fish are cleaned and scaled. 2,000 years ago, show off Romans had a mania for red mullet. According to...
From £16.20
Two red mullet fillets
Red mullet fillets
Red mullet is one of the finest fish but specimens large enough to fillet are pretty rare, so - sorry - we are often out of stock. Naturally, this is always cold water red mullet. We don’t use that similar-looking but not-quite-right...
From £11.70
Red mullet liver
Red mullet liver
OK. We know. To 99% of you, that picture is just... yuk. In fact the whole concept... you just don't understand it. OK. WE'RE TALKING TO THE ONE PER CENT. You know that this is a truly fabulous ingredient for fish sauces of every kind....
From £2.80
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