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Red snapper loin steaks
Red snapper close up

Red snapper loin steaks

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Indian Ocean

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  • 803250
  • Cut from fresh thick fillets
  • A favourite fish from the Indian Ocean
  • One of the best species of red snapper

There are 125 species of snapper, including about 25 red ones. However, as fish guru Alan Davidson said, ’snappers, almost without exception, make very good eating’. We’d agree, particularly if they are grilled or baked. The snapper on this page is also known as Mangrove red snapper and its more of a copper colour than red. Very distinguished! We have XL-size fillets flown in fresh from India.

Returning customers please note that this is the cut we used to call "bullets"... we now use the term "loin steaks". We sell two alternative cuts: fillet steaks (same price) and fillet portions (a little less expensive).

Scientific name: Lutjanus argentimaculatus

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