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Saba mackerel sashimi sliced for serving
Saba cured mackerel sashimi

Saba - sashimi mackerel

From £2.50
NE Atlantic

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  • 180546

Outer translucent skin removed, leaving the colourful inner skin in place. Deboned and beautifully trimmed. Serve with a good dressing of rice vinegar (sushi-zu). Normally contains 3 to 6 matching pieces. We also sell lightly cured fillets (shimesaba). Our sashimi grade mackerel marinated in salt, sugar and rice vinegar. Perfect with wasabi and soy. 

  • Outer skin removed
  • Cut from large Atlantic mackerel 
  • Buy either back or belly strips


The cured fillet contains salt, sugar and rice wine vinegar.

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