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A whole king salmon fillet next to a knife
King salmon - whole fillet
Whole fillets of King or Chinook salmon. Pacific salmon popularity is on the rise, and we're sure these magnificent fillets will rival its Scottish counterpart
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A cooked king salmon fillet portion on salad
King Salmon Fillet Portions
Tail end fillets of king or chinook salmon. Why not have a try of this coveted Pacific salmon
From £19.10
Two cooked king salmon fillet steaks
King Salmon Fillet Steaks
The king or chinook salmon has always been the most coveted of the several species of Pacific salmon. Now, someone in New Zealand has cracked how to farm it. (And, by golly, how to charge for it!) We got in a small shipment for customers...
From £29.50
Two raw fresh organic salmon fillet portions
Organic salmon fillet portions
These are boneless fillet portions from organically farmed salmon. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. A quick visit to an intensive low-cost salmon farm followed by one to an...
From £9.80
Two organic salmon fillet steaks
Organic salmon fillet steaks
These are boneless fillet steaks from Scottish organically farmed salmon. The skin has been descaled. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. The flesh is brighter in colour and the...
From £12.70
Different size cuts of sake back salmon sashimi
Sake - organic salmon back sashimi
Strip(s) of prime skinned salmon from the back, not the belly - ready for you to slice. Less oily than our belly (or chalkstripe) cuts.
From £6.30
A strip of sake salmon belly sashimi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi
A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich belly of salmon (as with meat, fat means flavour). Never tried sushi? Start with one pack of this salmon sushi - it’s sublime. Watch our sushi video .
From £4.20
Two whole salmon fillets
Salmon - whole fillet
These are party pieces - whole salmon fillets, 14-18 inches long. We leave the skin on (but they are descaled), and of course, all bones have been removed. They look spectacular when served. We suggest you cook them in in foil, in the...
From £61.70
Cooked salmon & prawn parcels fresh out of the oven
Salmon & prawn parcel
Salmon and prawns - lots of both - in a wine & cream sauce lovingly encased in a light puff pastry. One parcel is one good serving.
Two raw salmon fillet portions
Salmon fillet portions
Salmon fillet portions are cut from the lower end of the salmon fillet. They are slightly thinner than our traditional salmon fillet steaks.
From £9.20
A fresh salmon fillet steak
Salmon fillet steaks
This is our fallback for when supplies of organically farmed salmon are short. So this is superior grade conventionally farmed salmon. Our supplier is RSPCA -endorsed and holds many other meaningful accreditations. You will certainly...
From £10.90
Salmon and whiskey cream sauce on rice
Salmon in Cream & Whisky Sauce
A simple but tasty boil-in-the-bag item from a small restaurant supplier we know well. The salmon comes in fork-sized chunks. The sauce is pretty jolly good, and if you try hard, you can even detect a molecule or two of whisky in there.
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