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Salmon on the bone steak on white plate
Salmon on-the-bone steaks
We have a very few steaks from wild Norwegian salmon, 2017 season.
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One flat salmon skin
Salmon skin for sushi
Fried salmon skin is a delicious accompaniment to sushi as long as you have a deep fat frier (and a spot of tempura batter is jolly good too - yum!). These packs contain one or two long pieces of skin, which you will cut into sections...
From £5.60
Salmon tail piece on stalks of dill
Salmon tail pieces
A top class meal. Poach or bake in foil then, at the table, flick off the skin and lift the sides off the bone - it could not be easier - there are no small bones. We can’t resist this quote from Jane Grigson’s Fish Cookery (a very fine...
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Two wild salmon fillets steaks skin side down on grey slate
Wild salmon fillet steaks
Wild salmon was simply NOT TO BE HAD in Scotland in the 2017 season. Our hearts go out to all those flyfishers who went home with nothing to show for their week on the bank. However we have secured some wild Norwegian salmon....
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