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Salt cod  (Bacalao)
Salt cod (Bacalao)
This is the "hard as a cricket bat" version of salt cod. It comes in pieces of cut fillet, about 20-40g per piece and is a genuine deluxe version of hard salt cod, boneless, skinless and 100% edible. Produced in Scotland by an inspired...
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Salt cod in a tin  (Bacalao)
Salt cod in a tin (Bacalao)
What wonderful packaging! This is Naval brand ’bacalhau’ as Mr Nero, its Portuguese producer would call it. His forbears began curing fish in 1680! We call it salt cod and it’s certainly the quickest way to get into this delicacy. No...
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Salt Cod Pate
Salt Cod Pate
The classic French 'Brandade de Morue' salt cod pate, re-imagined by Shetlands best salt cod producer. The texture is smooth, light and creamy, with delicate flavour. This pate is delicious served on hot toast, and would be a great...
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Salt cod quenelles
Salt cod quenelles
We came across these in Portugal and had to have them. Delicious nuggets of salt cod (55%) lightly coated in batter. Just try not to pig yourself. The manufacturer says to deep fry them but the label offers an oven-cook workaround.
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