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Butterflied sardine fillet stacks in a pan
Freshy butterflied sardine fillets
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Sardine fillets

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It is a sad truth, acknowledged even by that breed of fish-lover for whom eating a whole sardine with your fingers is a totemic experience, that some sardine bones are inedible. But not all. Yes, these sardine fillets contain those little bones that are a badge of honour for sardine addicts. The fillets do have some scales on them. The fillets are so small that it's not viable to scale them all. The scales are really easy to remove by running the back of teaspoon up the fillets. We hope you enjoy every mouthful. Rich in Omega-3 oils - so very good for you.

We offer two types of Sardine fillets that we differentiate by the origin of their landing.

Firstly - Portuguese sardine fillets: These sardines are landed in Portugal and filleted at the port of landing. They are filleted in the butterfly style with the head and tail removed. They are individually quick frozen so that you can remove them one by one from the bag. They are very quick to defrost, just leave them out on your kitchen side for 1-2 hours and they should be ready to cook. 

Secondly - Cornish sardine fillets: The Cornish sardine fillets are a favourite of our members. They are landed at various ports in Cornwall such as Plymouth, Brixham, Falmouth and Newlyn. They're buttery filleted and sent to us fresh. We pack these and freeze them together. The only downside here is that you will have to use all at once, but they're not too big so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge. These sardines are from a MSC certified sustainable fishery. If you like the sound of these Cornish sardine fillets, take a look at our tinned Cornish sardine fillets in olive oil


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