Sardine fillets
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Sardine fillets c8 fillets

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It is a sad truth - acknowledged even by fish-lovers who only eat sardine with their fingers - that some sardine bones are best left out. But not all. In these fillets you'll find only those delicious tiny bones. Eat them like a pro! Also, scales (a sardine scale is a surprisingly meaningful item), but you can just ignore them like the tinies or remove by running a teaspoon over them. If we discouraged you, be assured that the taste and sheer fun of sardine fillets are beyond compare. And of course they are rich in Omega-3 oils - so very good for you.

We offer two types

Portuguese: These are filleted at the port of landing and individually frozen so may be removed one by one from the bag. Guess what! For our Portuguese customers, these are the only choice.

Cornish: Very popular with customers having English surnames. Whereas the Portuguese are individually frozen, these come in a “pillow pack” which means they’re frozen together. However, the pack size is only two servings so that shouldn’t be a big problem (and with a little deftness, you could in fact split into two packs). From an MSC-certified sustainable fishery.

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Price per kilo £14.25/kg


Serving guide: 50-100g starter or 130-250g main

165 Kcals/100g (high)

Best Before: 12 months from freezing

See key properties on product page


Very high in Carbohydrates: 51g/100g

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Frozen Stored frozen at -22C
Chilled Stored at 2-5C
Ambient Stored at room temperature


The area where the fish was caught or farmed


Wild or Farmed
 Wild  Fish that are caught from their natural habitat
 Organic  Organically farmed and certified by the soil association
 Farmed  Fish that have been bred on a commercial fish farm


Raw This product has not been cooked in any way
Cooked This product has been cooked, and is ready to eat
Cured This product has been smoked or otherwise preserved
Reheat This product has been prepared and only needs to be heated up to eat.


Catch Method
Hand pole & line Caught using the traditional fishing rod and line
Longline Caught using a long line that has baited hooks and floats attached along its length
Dived Hand caught using divers
Foraged Caught by foraging along the beach
Pots & Traps Caught using stationary pots or traps that are placed along the ocean floor.
Dredges Caught using a net with a heavy steel frame that is dragged along the ocean floor.
Gill netting Caught using a curtain of netting that hangs in the water using floats. Usually does not touch the ocean floor.
Seine net Caught using a ring of netting in the open ocean with floats at the top and pinched at the bottom.
Trawled Caught using a large fishing net dragged behind a fishing boat
Netted Caught using any of the types of netting
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