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Sardinian bottarga

Sardinian Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe

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Bottarga is compressed grey mullet roe. This rich delicacy - made all around the Mediterranean - is best eaten in tiny slices drizzled with olive oil or blended with olive oil, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, and served with cold white wine, as a pre-prandial nibble. Our Greek bottarga is from an old family firm - it’s very large, moister and definitely a cut above. Many of our regular bottarga customers are moving to this new offering (which arrives in a lovely gift box). We've recently just started buying Sardinian bottarga from the source in Sardinia, the bottarga quality is top. Both the Greek and Sardinian bottarga are chilled and have good best before dates when kept wrapped in the fridge. 

  • The Bottarga is the roe from a thin-lipped grey mullet
  • Greek is the premium option
  • Sardinian is for grating. Greek is for slicing.
  • The Greek bottarga is kosher
  • Bottarga is also known as mullet caviar

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