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Two unsliced tuna loins on white background very red fresh tuna

Sashimi grade tuna loin

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  • Top-quality sashimi-grade tuna - super bright red, super clear 
  • Can be used to make your own sashimi
  • These loins are normally around three inches thick and four-eight inches in diameter

Loins cut from pole and line caught tuna. Slice steaks to your preferred thickness, or use to make your own sashimi. Why not try preserving tuna by bottling in Kilner jars? (The technique is described below). These loins are about three inches thick and four to eight inches in diameter (and therefore may not be the same shape as the one pictured). We should also point out that the picture is of a freshly delivered loin in our fish room. These are an attractive dark red in colour. But this red fades rapidly almost regardless of freezing conditions. The loin you receive will be slightly duller in appearance but no less tasty, that we can guarantee.  


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