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Sashimi yellowtail kingfish saku block

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We prepare the hiramasa yellowtail kingfish saku blocks by hand using large fillets. Our yellowtail kingfish come from the pristine cold waters of Southern Australia. We aim to prepare saku blocks that are 200g - 450g. As a rough guide you should aim for 15g slices. A little bit of quick maths should help you work out what size saku block you need for your sushi or sashimi preparations. For the best results use an extremely sharp knife and cut fine strips horizontally along the strip to produce delicate slices of hiramasa. When you defrost the block try and absorb any extra water and pat it dry before you do any knife work. For the best results you should defrost the block as close to the time that you want to prepare and eat it (allowing enough time to fully defrost). Whilst you can keep it in your fridge for a few days after defrosting these will not yield the best results. 

  •  Top quality deep frozen Australian yellowtail kingfish
  • Cut from the upper loins of the fillet
  • Perfect to be used to prepare your own sushi and sashimi dishes
  • Great for dishes such as yellowtail carpaccio, yuzu yellowtail, yellowtail ceviche

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