Scallop shells case
2500g / 75 shells
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Scallop shells case

Scallop shells case

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2500g / 75 shells ( Only 4 left )

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Scallop Shells Case

This case contains 75 scallop shells. Economically priced by the case. Perfect for use as a decorative serving accompaniment or for a variety of crafts.

 Looking to add that finishing touch? Look no further! These are unchipped, concave shells, all the same size and boiled clean - so ready to use. They're near perfect white on the outside. The insides are more colourful. Used as platters, they'll add a little frisson to your starters but their natural beauty is very pleasing all by itself - just hang a few up. Very popular with brides and grooms as table nameholders; others use them for arts and crafts, for instance Heather, who turns them into beautiful little works of art...

How you've been using our Scallop shells...

  • "All very clean, none broken or chipped, beautiful size and exactly what I was looking for!"
  • "Absolutely love those nice scallops 'plates'! Perfect for serving scallops"
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