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A whole carabineros and a peeled carabineros tail
Three different sizes of carabineros
One large carabineros scarlet prawn

Scarlet prawns - AKA Carabineros

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Most prawns are grey in real life but this one is naturally red. And that’s not just sort of red... it’s a stonking bright don’t-mess-with-me shocking red. These prawns are raw, so you will need to cook them, which is straightforward - instructions on the pack. The biggest carabineros come from Mozambique and Morocco. They’re different species but they taste and look similar. As these are very large prawns, 2 per person for a starter would be ample. This prawn is lesser known in the UK but has quite a following in Spain, perhaps you've seen it there? Still, it's a must try for a seafood adventurer trying to tick off some of the lesser known delicacies. 

  • Typical catch origin: Mozambique or Morocco
  • Carabineros are naturally bright red
  • We typical sell packs of 2 prawns or trays of 7 - 8 prawns
  • Our favourite customer review of carabineros - "For those who love the taste of prawns, this is the best that you can get."


To prevent discolouration, these prawns are treated with the following antioxidants at the point of capture: E223, E301, E330.




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