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Two whole sea bass fillets on brown paper
Sea bass fillets in a baking tray
Sea bass fillets

Sea bass fillets

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Farmed sea bass fillets from Greece or Turkey. An economical alternative to our wild sea bass. These fillets are a perfect portion for one per person. These fillets are skin on, scalled and have had the bones removed. They are ready for the pan or the grill. These fillets are on average about 50% larger than the sea bass fillets you will find in the supermarket. These fillets are best cooked with their skin on. For crispy fish skin, make sure that you pat it dry and rub a pinch of salt over the skin. There are two sea bass fillets per pack, one will be in a freezer bag to seperate them to enable you to take one out at a time. 


Sea Bass Curry

Fine Indian cuisine applied to a fine Atlantic fish

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Grilled Sea Bass With Pasta & Vegetable Sauce

A rich sauce under a crispy-skinned sea bass fillet.

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Sea bass

Sea bass

All you need to know about sea bass

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