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Whole sea bass
A whole sea bass
Whole Seabass, ideal for stuffing with lemon and herbs, wrapping in foil and baking in your oven.

Sea bass whole

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Perfect restaurant-style whole sea bass, cleaned and descaled, ready to pop in your oven. These fish are from Greek or Turkish sea bass farms. A fish weighing between 300g - 400g is the perfect portion sized fish and a fish over 600g would serve two people. If you're looking for a sea bass to feed 4 or even 8 you will need to see what wild fish we have in stock. These fish are ideal for stuffing with lemon and herbs, wrapping in foil and baking in your oven. Thinking about something more adventurous how about trying a salt bake? It's sure to impress all who witness it. 

  • 1 fish per pouch
  • 350g is the ideal portion-sized fish
  • These fish are gutted, scaled and trimmed, ready to be cooked

Featured customer reviews

  • "Excellent quality fish, very well prepared and ready to cook.  It works extremely well-baked whole in rock salt."
  • "Good quality, fresh-tasting and well prepared"



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