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Yellowtail kingfish
Hiramasa - sashimi yellowtail kingfish back
Contains 1 back strip of Australian Yellowtail Kingfish for sashimi Richness of Hiramasa pairs well with citrus lime flavours - checkout this recipe  For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person  The...
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Yellowtail kingfish belly
Hiramasa - sashimi yellowtail kingfish belly
Belly strips of Australian Yellowtail  Kingfish  Rich and silky flavour, perfect for sushi rolls For sushi, a main course requires about 150g of fish per person The sweet rich flavour of yellowtail is very popular in...
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Easy Slice Bottarga
Easy Slice Bottarga
About 8 cms long Cleaned of all wax and membrane. Just defrost and slice. NEW FROM NOVEMBER 2021. This is a finger of soft sliceable bottarga. It’s the Greek product but has been disrobed of all that wax and so is super...