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Ling Fillet Steaks
Ling Fillet Steaks
Each pack contains 2 skin-on ling fillet steaks A great fish to pan fry or use in a fish stew 360g pack will serve 2 people as a main course The ling is a cousin of the cod and haddock but it has extra bones and you need to be...
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ling loin steaks
Ling Loin Steaks
Each pack contains 2 skin-on ling loin steaks Loin steaks are thick so  work well when baked 360g pack with 2 steaks will serve two people for a main course The ling is a cousin of the cod and haddock, and you can do all...
From £8.50
Lime chilli coriander smoked mackerel
Lime, Chilli, Coriander Smoked Mackerel
Each pack has 4 hot smoked mackerel fillets Lime, chilli and coriander - Ready to eat perfect with a bit of fresh bread Serve 1 fillet person for a light lunch or snack Two great franchises join up... who could resist hot...
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Fragrant sea-bass, cod, ginger and lime fishcakes
Sea Bass, Cod, Ginger & Lime fishcakes
Each pack contains 4 frozen fishcakes Cook from frozen. Pop them in the oven for 12 minutes, then fry them in a pan with a bit of butter to make them crispy! 2 fishcakes make a perfect portion for 1 main meal This is a skinny...
Cod liver
Cod liver
Choose between a single tin or a pack of 12 tins The cod liver is cooked and tinned in its own oil A great source of Omega 3 fatty acids If you were force fed cod liver oil as a child, you are just not going to get this one....
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Monkfish liver in a tin
Monkfish liver in a tin
Drained weight 75g, (but don't waste the oil!!) Wild monkfish liver from Iceland Spreads like a smooth pate This truly gourmet item - often promoted as 'foie gras of the sea" - is not a good-looker - you get pretty nondescript...
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Ankimo steamed monkfish liver
Ankimo steamed monkfish liver
This comes packaged in a tube ready to slice Try it as a starter with some dried wakame seaweed and shiso leaves You'd need about 60g for a starter portion per person Ankimo is monkfish liver that has been cleaned, rubbed in...