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Peeled king prawns raw - XL size
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled so no major cleaning is required, apart from the odd vein that may remain. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
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Whole king prawns
Whole king prawns - raw
Each pack contains whole prawns (the amount varies depending on the weight) Add into a paella as a real star piece 2 prawns would make a good sized starter for one person These are the king prawns farmed throughout South-East...
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King prawns in garlic butter
King prawns in garlic butter
4-6 peeled raw king prawns with flavoured butter  Pan ready with no preparation required We recommend 1 pack as a starter for 2 people Our very popular jumbo peeled king prawns paired perfectly with garlic and herb...
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Tempura king prawns
Tempura king prawns
Each pack contains roughly 30 prawns and are individually frozen to make portioning easy Perfect as a party food with a dip We'd recommend between 70 - 75g per person for a starter portion These are oven-bake tempura prawns....
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Huge Tiger King Prawns
Huge Tiger King Prawns
These are fully intact frozen prawns Great when grilled or bbq'd (they will take longer to cook due to their size) If you're buying the largest size, then one prawn per person will be enough! Big prawns, large prawns, jumbo...
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Cooked lemongrass king prawns
Thai lemongrass & garlic king prawns
These king prawns are marinated in a lemon grass and ginger Thai style marinade, providing that south eastern balance of spicy, sweet and savoury. There is a vast depth of flavour going on with these prawns and are fantastic on the...
Peeled king prawns on a skewer
Peeled king prawns on a skewer
Handsome raw peeled prawns mounted on a wooden skewer. Perfect for barbecues and oven grilling. The prawns are unflavoured so you may want to marinate them before grilling. You could try some lime juice, brown sugar and chilli flakes....
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Cooked king prawns
Peeled king prawns - cooked
These are black tiger prawns from South-East Asia. They’re ten times the size of cold water prawns (such as our Best North Atlantic prawns ) and they have an excellent firm texture. Add a little mayo or something fancier, and you have...
sweet and juicy Wild crevettes
Crevettes - Whole cooked king prawns
Each pack contains whole cooked prawns, head and shell on They make a perfect show stopping starter For a starter, you would need 2 per person Crevettes are giant cooked prawns in their shells. As you can tell from the name,...
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t's a butterflied prawn with a squeeze of mango chilli jam then coated in a quality breadcrumb.
Chilli & mango king prawns
There are around 18 prawns in a box Designed for baking in the oven One box serves up to 6 people These come from a producer with a huge reputation amongst high end caterers for products which stand above the norm. They've...
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butterfly king prawns marinated in garlic and parsley
Marinated butterfly king prawns
About 15 marinated wild Argentinian prawns  Cook from frozen; grill or bake them Great as a starter or party nibble Butterflied and marinated in garlic and parsley. These wild prawns are all ready to be dropped onto your...
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fiery Chilli & garlic king prawns
Fiery chilli & garlic king prawns
These king prawns are marinated in a hot chilli and garlicky sauce, the perfect Spanish prawn tapas or great for a chilli and garlic pasta recipe too.There is a very raw depth of flavour going on with these prawns and are fantastic on...
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