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Organic salmon saku block
Organic salmon sashimi grade saku block
Each pack contains one block of skinless and boneless salmon saku Perfect for making your own sushi For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person Large salmon saku blocks, ready for you to transform into beautiful...
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Sake salmon sashimi grade
Sake - organic salmon back sashimi grade
Each pack contains one strip of skinless, boneless organic salmon back sashimi grade Make sure you have a really sharp knife! For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person Strip(s) of prime skinned salmon from the...
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Salmon belly sashimi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi grade
Each pack contains between 1 -3 strips of skinless, boneless salmon belly sashimi This is the oil rich belly cut from the salmon For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from...
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Wild King Salmon Sashimi
Wild king salmon belly sashimi
These are belly cuts from our Canadian king salmon. They are much leaner and firmer than farmed salmon belly, verging on austere - this salmon was super fit!  We have limited quantities so oftentimes you'll find we're out of...
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tuba poke cubes
Tuna Poke Cubes Sashimi Grade
One 300g pack of sashimi grade tuna cubes Perfect for making your own at home tuna poke bowl We recomend further clicing the cubes to smaller sizes to suit you poke bowl. At present the cubes are each cut for XL...
salmon skin for sushi
Salmon skin for sushi
Each pack contains 200g of organic salmon skins Fry and use as an ingredient in your favourite sushi roll A little goes a long way, often used as topping or side dish This is top quality salmon skin from our best organic...
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sashimi selection pack
Sashimi grade selection pack
Contains: Tuna, mackerel, salmon, black cod, prawns, wasabi, soya sauce and chopsticks  Serves 4 as a starter or 2 as a main The pack contains a minimum of 300g of frozen sashimi fish but often will contain more We have...
Whole large organic salmon
Whole organic salmon
Each pack contains one whole salmon that has been gutted and cleaned Wrap it in foil and oven bake it! One 2000g fish could easily serve about 8 to 10 people Our organic salmon is farmed in the Shetland Isles to the standards...
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Scottish smoked salmon
fishRjumpin smoked Scottish salmon
THE BEST SMOKED SALMON FOR CHRISTMAS 2021 - THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our fishRjumpin...
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Whole smoked salmon side
Smoked salmon side
Each pack contains 1kg of beautifully sliced smoked salmon, vacuum packed on a gold board You can't go wrong with a delicious smoked salmon bagel! Each pack contains around 10 - 20 servings Our smoked salmon sides are from...
Hot smoked salmon flakey
Hot smoked salmon - flakey
Hot smoked salmon has been cooked as well as smoked. It’s perfect for ’flaking’. It breaks up easily and goes well with pasta, wrapped into a pancake, filling a quiche or just blended with mayo and pepper for one of the best sandwiches...
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