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Sardine fillets
Sardine fillets
Each pack contains 8 butterflied fillets, with only the tiny bones and scales left The Portuguese fillets are individually frozen and the Cornish are frozen together Try baking them in the oven with a bit of lemon and herbs...
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Ortiz tinned sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
Each tin contains 140g of hand prepared sardines in high quality olive oil They are absolutely delicious as part of a seafood platter Ortiz is the premier brand for tinned sardines The price on these may be a bit of a shock to...
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Fishrjumpin tinned srdines
Sardinillas - small tinned sardines
These little sardines are tinned, so can be stored in a cupboard until opened Try them on a bit of garlic toast with Piquillo pepper and pickled onions We have two different brands with the Broto sardinillas being ever so slightly...
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Fides Sardine Pate
Fides Sardine Pate
One tray has 4 capsules of 22g each Perfect for a little afternoon snack Each capsule is designed as one portion Fides is Portugals favourite brand of fishy pates. Since they're so convenient with the portions already made and...
Ortiz tinned sardines case of 20
Ortiz tinned sardines case of 20
Case of 20 tins. (2.8kg = 20x140g) Latin: S ardinus pilchardus Please note, this item may not be dispatched in its original box as pictured. You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good...
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Fides sardine pate
Fides Sardine pate case of 24
Case of 24 packs. (2.112kg = 24x88g) This case contains 24 pots of pate packed in sleeves of 4 with each pot weighing 22g. Economically priced by the case. Perfect for resale, gifting, lunches or stocking up your personal supplies....