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Sardinian bottarga
Sardinian Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe
This little treat packs a punch so a little goes a long way Try it grated over pasta! Vacuum packed, (chilled) Bottarga is compressed roe of the thin lipped grey mullet (thick-lipped just can't cut it). It's a rich...
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Fishrjumpin tinned srdines
Sardinillas - small tinned sardines
These little sardines are tinned, so can be stored in a cupboard until opened Try them on a bit of garlic toast with Piquillo pepper and pickled onions We have two different brands with the Broto sardinillas being ever so slightly...
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whole sardines
Whole Sardines
Each pack contains roughly 12 whole, uncleaned sardines Just grill them on the BBQ for best results One pack would serve 4 people as a good starter Sardines beg to be eaten with your fingers. They come ’entire’ (polite-speak...
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Sardine fillets
Sardine fillets
Each pack contains 8 butterflied fillets, with only the tiny bones and scales left The Portuguese fillets are individually frozen and the Cornish are frozen together Try baking them in the oven with a bit of lemon and herbs...
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Ortiz tinned sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
Each tin contains 140g of hand prepared sardines in high quality olive oil They are absolutely delicious as part of a seafood platter Ortiz is the premier brand for tinned sardines The price on these may be a bit of a shock to...
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Fides Sardine Pate
Fides Sardine Pate
One tray has 4 capsules of 22g each Perfect for a little afternoon snack Each capsule is designed as one portion Fides is Portugals favourite brand of fishy pates. Since they're so convenient with the portions already made and...