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tuba poke cubes
Tuna Poke Cubes Sashimi Grade
One 300g pack of sashimi grade tuna cubes Perfect for making your own at home tuna poke bowl We recomend further clicing the cubes to smaller sizes to suit you poke bowl. At present the cubes are each cut for XL...
sashimi selection pack
Sashimi grade selection pack
Contains: Tuna, mackerel, salmon, black cod, prawns, wasabi, soya sauce and chopsticks  Serves 4 as a starter or 2 as a main The pack contains a minimum of 300g of frozen sashimi fish but often will contain more We have...
Mackerel sashimi
Saba - sashimi grade mackerel
Wild UK sushi grade mackerel Can be used for sashimi or sushi rolls We recommend serving 150g of fish per person These cuts of mackerel has been filleted into strips from high quality wild caught  Atlantic mackerel. We...
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Gindara - sashimi black cod belly
Gindara - sashimi black cod belly
Sushi grade black cod from Alaska/Canada The belly is literally bursting with oils "Tastes awesome when cooked" (customer review) This is a bit of a wild card. The black cod belly is a minority item in sushi...
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Gindara black cod sashimi
Gindara - sashimi black cod
Wild black cod from Canada or Alaska Sashimi-grade black cod that's safe for raw eating Sashimi strips cut from the thick upper loin The fabled black cod from Alaska (also known as sablefish and in Japan as gindara) has always...
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hirame halibut sashimi
Hirame - sashimi halibut
A very popular fish for sushi or sashimi Usually comes in three grades - these are grade one strips Considered a delicacy in Japan Halibut (known as hirame in Japan) makes fascinating sashimi. These strips are grade...
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Suzuki Sashimi Seabass
Suzuki - sashimi sea bass
Each pack contains between 1 and 3 strips of sashimi grade sea bass, depending on the size of the strips Usually served with soya sauce - to others, it might taste better with lemon juice and sea salt For sushi, a main course...
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Organic salmon saku block
Organic salmon sashimi grade saku block
Each pack contains one block of skinless and boneless salmon saku Perfect for making your own sushi For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person Large salmon saku blocks, ready for you to transform into beautiful...
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Uni sea urchin roe
Uni - sea urchin roe - sashimi grade
Each pack contains 10 corals, two in each secction of the tray Due to the quality of this sea urchin roe, we recommend eating it as it is to get the full experience For sushi, a main course requires around 150g per person This...
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Patagonian toothfish sashimi
Patagonian Toothfish Sashimi
Globe-trotting sushi-lovers will be aware that this fish, being an American "discovery", is on every sushi menu in the USA whilst being quite rare in Japan. Will it be on yours? Sustainability - our rating 8/10 This fish was once...
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Maguro sashimi yellowfin tuna
Tuna Sashimi Grade -60C Super Frozen Maguro
1 block of top quality super frozen yellowfin tuna Intended to be served as sashimi or in sushi rolls A main course of sushi or sashimi requires total 150g of fish per person For beginners or for the experts of Japanese...
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Yellowtail kingfish
Hiramasa - sashimi yellowtail kingfish back
Contains 1 back strip of Australian Yellowtail Kingfish for sashimi Richness of Hiramasa pairs well with citrus lime flavours - checkout this recipe  For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person  The...
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