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Two New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
These are the primmest and most convenient pieces of our NZ snapper. The flesh is delicious and so is the skin. Much loved by all seafood eating Kiwis. 
From £16.10
Flesh side up fillet of New Zealand snapper
New Zealand snapper fillets
You have Jeremy, our operations director to thanks for this. He’s a Kiwi and has been going on about the special fish of New Zealand for months. If you knew the hoops we jumped through to get this consignment from the other end of the...
From £19.40
Whole large New Zealand snapper
Whole New Zealand snapper
We’re offering this as fillets elsewhere, but here it is as a whole fish, to make a WOW impression on your friends. Roast in the oven and serve in a giant dish. These fish are about 50cms long, gutted and scaled.
From £58.80
Snapper nigiri
Tai - sashimi snapper
.A very popular type of sashimi in Japan, the name Tai is given to a range of high quality snappers and breams. We hope you enjoy our top class cuts
From £7.00