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tuba poke cubes
Tuna Poke Cubes Sashimi Grade
One 300g pack of sashimi grade tuna cubes Perfect for making your own at home tuna poke bowl We recomend further clicing the cubes to smaller sizes to suit you poke bowl. At present the cubes are each cut for XL...
Easy Slice Bottarga
Easy Slice Bottarga
About 8 cms long Cleaned of all wax and membrane. Just defrost and slice. NEW FROM NOVEMBER 2021. This is a finger of soft sliceable bottarga. It’s the Greek product but has been disrobed of all that wax and so is super...
Patagonian Toothfish Loin Steak
Patagonian Toothfish Loin Steaks
Often known as Chilean sea bass Totally luxurious insanely thick steaks Tightly regulated fishery This is a lumbering colossus (up to 100kgs) of the southern deep with divine white buttery flesh. Being so large, it provides...
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bonito del norte tuna xl tin
Bonito del norte tuna - XL tin
Cater for dozens with this super large tin of exceedingly fine tuna. Or just put it on display, because it is - I am sure you will agree - a thing of beauty and extra eye-catching for being extra large. Displaying is in fact a serious...
Salt cod in a tin
Salt cod in a tin (Bacalao)
Salt cod in a tin wrapped in a paper outer It's already in oil so no soaking necessary These tins can be stored in your cupboard for ages! What a lovely design! This is Naval brand 'bacalhau' as Mr Nero, its Portuguese...
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Cooked lemongrass king prawns
Thai lemongrass & garlic king prawns
These king prawns are marinated in a lemon grass and ginger Thai style marinade, providing that south eastern balance of spicy, sweet and savoury. There is a vast depth of flavour going on with these prawns and are fantastic on the...
Monkfish liver in a tin
Monkfish liver in a tin
Drained weight 75g, (but don't waste the oil!!) Wild monkfish liver from Iceland Spreads like a smooth pate This truly gourmet item - often promoted as 'foie gras of the sea" - is not a good-looker - you get pretty nondescript...
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Thai Salmon burgers
Thai Salmon burgers
Each pack contains two salmon burger patties Pair with a brioche bun, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and cream cheese. Yum! One pack would make two good sized mains Our moreish Thai salmon burgers are handmade with our Scottish...