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Clearance Tins
Clearance Tins
These tins may be dented or underweight, either way not fit for normal sale.
Salt cod in a tin
Salt cod in a tin (Bacalao)
Salt cod in a tin wrapped in a paper outer It's already in oil so no soaking necessary These tins can be stored in your cupboard for ages! What a lovely design! This is Naval brand 'bacalhau' as Mr Nero, its Portuguese...
From £5.10
Monkfish liver in a tin
Monkfish liver in a tin
Drained weight 75g, (but don't waste the oil!!) Wild monkfish liver from Iceland Spreads like a smooth pate This truly gourmet item - often promoted as 'foie gras of the sea" - is not a good-looker - you get pretty nondescript...
From £5.80
bonito del norte tuna xl tin
Bonito del norte tuna - XL tin
Cater for dozens with this super large tin of exceedingly fine tuna. Or just put it on display, because it is - I am sure you will agree - a thing of beauty and extra eye-catching for being extra large. Displaying is in fact a serious...
Ortiz tinned sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good sardines for 60p. So how do we get to this price? Answer 1: just try them. Answer 2: superior fish, cleaned by hand, packed in virgin olive oil. Did you...
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Fishrjumpin tinned srdines
Sardinillas - small tinned sardines
These little sardines are tinned, so can be stored in a cupboard until opened Try them on a bit of garlic toast with Piquillo pepper and pickled onions We have two different brands with the Broto sardinillas being ever so slightly...
From £4.10
Tinned razorshell clams
Tinned razorshell clams
1 tin contains around 8 fish preserved in brine, without the shells Ready to eat as is or add to a fish soup Easily stored in your cupboard, they're a fun and interesting thing to keep on hand Tinned razor shell clams...
From £14.30
Tinned scallops
Tinned scallops in Galician sauce
Each tin weighs 115g with a drained weight of 68g These would be delicious with a bit of pasta They make a delicious and interesting addition to a seafood platter A tasty little gem from Spain - small scallops in a spicy...
From £9.30
Two whiting fillets
Whiting fillets
Each pack contains two whiting fillets, skin on Whiting is a simple, honest fish, so try it with all sorts of different flavours A 320g pack would make two good sized main meals Whiting is the perfect fish to experiment with....
From £4.20
Sold in 4 different sizes, raw whole Scottish langoustines Great when steamed or simmered in a fragrant sauce - check this recipe out  A 700g box of whole langoustines would feed 4 as a starter The langoustine is a big...
From £20.60
Langoustine Shells
Langoustine Shells
Each pack contains 1000g of langoustine heads and shells - no meat These are perfect to use when making fish stock Can be ground into a powder and used to make soup If you're looking to make a your own fish stock, or a fish...
Patagonian Toothfish Fillet Portions
Patagonian Toothfish Fillet Portions
Each pack contains 2 pieces of Patagonian toothfish  A dense fish that can be oven roasted  We recommend 340g will serve two main courses Patagonian toothfish, or also sometimes known as Chilean sea bass, is a lovely...
From £21.80