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Salt cod in a tin
Salt cod in a tin (Bacalao)
Salt cod in a tin wrapped in a paper outer It's already in oil so no soaking necessary These tins can be stored in your cupboard for ages! What a lovely design! This is Naval brand 'bacalhau' as Mr Nero, its Portuguese...
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Monkfish liver in a tin
Monkfish liver in a tin
Drained weight 75g, (but don't waste the oil!!) Wild monkfish liver from Iceland Spreads like a smooth pate This truly gourmet item - often promoted as 'foie gras of the sea" - is not a good-looker - you get pretty nondescript...
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bonito del norte tuna xl tin
Bonito del norte tuna - XL tin
Cater for dozens with this super large tin of exceedingly fine tuna. Or just put it on display, because it is - I am sure you will agree - a thing of beauty and extra eye-catching for being extra large. Displaying is in fact a serious...
4 cases of cod liver
Cod liver case of 48 tins
Case of 48 tins. (5.52kg = 48x115g) This case contains 5.52kg of Icelandic Cod liver. Packed in 48 individual tins weighing 115g each. Economically priced by the case. Ready for next day delivery. Perfect for resale. Latin...
Ortiz tinned sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
Each tin contains 140g of hand prepared sardines in high quality olive oil They are absolutely delicious as part of a seafood platter Ortiz is the premier brand for tinned sardines The price on these may be a bit of a shock to...
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Fishrjumpin tinned srdines
Sardinillas - small tinned sardines
These little sardines are tinned, so can be stored in a cupboard until opened Try them on a bit of garlic toast with Piquillo pepper and pickled onions We have two different brands with the Broto sardinillas being ever so slightly...
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Tinned razorshell clams
Tinned razorshell clams
1 tin contains around 8 fish preserved in brine, without the shells Ready to eat as is or add to a fish soup Easily stored in your cupboard, they're a fun and interesting thing to keep on hand Tinned razor shell clams...
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Sold in 4 different sizes, raw whole Scottish langoustines Great when steamed or simmered in a fragrant sauce - check this recipe out  A 700g box of whole langoustines would feed 4 as a starter The langoustine is a big...
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Langoustine Shells
Langoustine Shells
Essential ingredient for stocks and soups Choose heads/claws or tail shells Choose 1kg or 5kg packs - via More Options drop-down If you're looking to make a your own fish stock or shellfish bisque, these are a wonderful...
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Ortiz tinned sardines case of 20
Ortiz tinned sardines case of 20
Case of 20 tins. (2.8kg = 20x140g) Latin: S ardinus pilchardus Please note, this item may not be dispatched in its original box as pictured. You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good...