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tuba poke cubes
Tuna Poke Cubes Sashimi Grade
One 300g pack of sashimi grade tuna cubes Perfect for making your own at home tuna poke bowl We recomend further clicing the cubes to smaller sizes to suit you poke bowl. At present the cubes are each cut for XL...
Smoked tuna
Smoked tuna
Each pack contains beautifully cut thin slices of smoked tuna  Give a twist on the classic, try a smoked tuna and cream cheese bagel! For a light lunch, one pack would serve two to three people Think of this as a smoked...
Mojama - air dried yellowfin tuna
Mojama - Air Dried Tuna
Each pack contains one block of unsliced dried tuna  Slice thinly and serve tapas style with fresh ingredients A little goes a long way, this product is very salty and only require a small slice at a time  Mojama...
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Tuna steaks
Tuna steaks
Each pack contains two tuna steaks frozen at minus 60C for taste and texture Pan-frying or grilling on the BBQ will get the best results One 300g pack would serve two good sized mains You might be wondering why it's important...
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Maguro sashimi yellowfin tuna
Tuna Sashimi Grade -60C Super Frozen Maguro
1 block of top quality super frozen yellowfin tuna Intended to be served as sashimi or in sushi rolls A main course of sushi or sashimi requires total 150g of fish per person For beginners or for the experts of Japanese...
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Ortiz tuna in olive oil
Ortiz bonito tuna
Artisan produced Whitefish packed with superb flavour and delicate texture Preserved in olive oil and is considered one of the best in Spain, especially in the Basque country Not to be confused with our Ortiz Ventresca...
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Albacore tuna loin steaks
Albacore tuna loin steaks
Each pack contains two albacore tuna loin steaks Try grilling these loin steaks with a soy marinade A 320g pack would be enough to make two main portions Albacore tuna - also known as atun blanco and bonito del norte - is a...
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albacore sashimi
Albacore tuna sashimi grade
Each pack contains 1 strip of either albacore tuna back, belly or center for sashimi depending on what you choose Try making Tataki with it For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person Albacore makes great sushi...
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Bonito tuna loin steaks
Bonito tuna loin steaks
Each pack contains two skinless bonito loin steaks Try pan frying them, but be careful not to overcook them A 320g pack would make two good sized main meals Our Bonito tuna loin steaks are a wonderful new addition to our...
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bonito tuna ventresca portions
Bonito tuna ventresca portions
Each pack contains two skin on ventresca portions You can pan fry these to get the skin nice and crispy A 320g pack would make two good sized main portions This cut comes from the belly of the Bonito tuna that we get imported...
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Whole Albacore tuna loin
Whole Albacore tuna loin
Each pack contains one whole tuna loin Try cooking this whole loin on the BBQ We recommend working on about 160g per person for a main meal Albacore tuna, also known as white tuna / atun blanco and bonito del norte (scientific...
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bonito tuna tail piece
Bonito tuna tail piece
Each pack contains two skinless bonito tail pieces A tail piece is perfect to cook on the grill A 320g pack is perfect for two main meals We get these in as whole bonito tuna from Spain, They are then processed into these...
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