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2 wolf fish loin steaks
Wolf fish loin steaks
Each pack contains two skinless, boneless wolf fish loin steaks Cooking them in the oven will keep them perfectly moist A 320g would be enough for two main sized meals These are thick boneless and skinless steaks from the top...
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Kingklip loin steaks
Kingklip loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on loin steaks Kingklip is a great option if you're having a braai A 330g bag would be enough for two main courses South Africans should be aware that this is not the species they remember, it is in...
From £8.20
Red snapper loin steaks
Red snapper loin steaks
Cut from fresh thick fillets A favourite fish from the Indian Ocean One of the best species of red snapper There are 125 species of snapper, including about 25 red ones. However, as fish guru Alan Davidson said, ’snappers,...
From £38.60
black cod loin steak
Black cod loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on black cod loin steaks Perfect for pan frying or baking in the oven A 320g pack is enough for two main meals Black Cod is undeniably one of the finest fish in the sea. It has a buttery/silky taste...
From £25.50
Whole Cod Loin
Whole Cod Loin
Each pack contains one skin on whole cod loin Make a whole roast loin with some lemon and thyme One 800g loin will easily serve four main meals These cod loins are cut from the top side of the fillet. This is the thickest part...
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wild king salmon loin steaks
Wild king salmon loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on, boneless king salmon loin steaks Rich and creamy taste A 320g pack would be enough for two good sized main courses Whereas the Atlantic Ocean has just one species of salmon, the Pacific has...
From £36.50
Pollack loin steaks
Pollack loin Steaks
The pollack (quite often called pollock, but we’re sticking with pollack) fish is a member of the cod family and the good news is, it’s in plentiful supply. These are excellent portions from superb LARGE Cornish pollack fillets. We...
From £8.20
Wild sea bass loin steaks
Sea bass loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin-on, boneless loin steaks These steaks are great when pan-fried or grilled A 300g pack would make for an average sized main course for two people These are no-expense-spared thick boneless steaks...
From £18.30
Stone bass loin steaks
Stone bass loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on loin steaks Pan fry with a bit of lemon and thyme butter and serve with some new potatoes A 300g pack would serve two good sized main meals Stone bass is gaining in popularity in the UK due to...
From £12.60
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