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Sliced shime saba mackerel sashimi nigiri
Sliced shime saba
Sliced shime saba mackerel fillet

Shime saba - cured sashimi mackerel

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These are sashimi grade mackerel fillets which have been carefully taken through the marinating process to produce a quality shime saba. We buy top quality British mackerel, fillet and cure them ourselves. See the video below (not ours) which shows the process. As you will see there is quite a significant amount of preparation that goes into each fillet from salting to hand boning. These fillets are ready to be sliced and eaten as they come. We think these are fantastic when used as a nigri topper (see the first picture) topped with some ginger. When slicing your shime saba we can't stress enough the importance of slicing the fillet with a VERY sharp knife. A blunt knife will not cleanly slice through the very delicate cured mackerel flesh.

• This is a whole cured mackerel fillet
• Individually packed
• This fillet has been pin boned by hand
• The outer skin has been removed, the colourful inner skin remains
• Slice with a sharp knife

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