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Skinless cod loin steaks

Skinless cod loin steaks

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  • Prepared by us from large fresh cod fillets - frozen from fresh
  • Loin steaks - thick pieces with huge muscle flakes
  • This cut is great for baked cod

Our cod loin steaks are prime cuts from fine large fine fillets of freshly caught cod. The loin is the thickest part of the fillet - the top of the neck - which gives you a magnificent piece of fish. Because of the thickness it will bake perfectly, staying moist. These steaks are cut and trimmed by hand with the intention of making them perfect in every way.

Returning customers please note that this is the cut we used to call "bullets"... we now use the term "loin steaks". This is one of about a dozen different cuts of Atlantic cod we offer. Find them all on this page.

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  • "Well these are just the best cod steaks that we have tasted. I cannot say more than that in praise of this item"
  • "The best of the best!!!"
  • "Top quality and delicious!"





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