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Skinless hake fillets
skinless hake fillets with knife
skinless hake fillets close up

Skinless hake fillets

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South Africa

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South African hake which has been filleted, skinned and frozen on board the fishing vessel - can’t get fresher. We were really delighted with this purchase - some of the highest quality frozen-at-sea fillets - beautifully prepared and skinned. The fillets are quite generous sizes with typical individually weight being around 250g - 300g. These fillets are great for frying, grilling or breading. We did a taste test comparing South African hake fillets, Argentinian hake and Cornish hake. The room was divided, no clear winner emerged. If you're looking for value, this is the hake for you compared with our hake fillet steaks that come with a price tag due to the size of the fish used to prepare the thick fillet.  


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