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Skrei cod loin steaks

Skrei cod loin steaks

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This is Norway’s finest cod fillet. It’s from large fish which have been line-caught on day boats. But the special feature of Skrei is that the cod is caught in the spring on its long journey to its spawning grounds, so it’s very lean and super-fit and you can see this in its bright white flesh. Norwegians are very proud of Skrei, which is subject to a comprehensive sustainability regime.

Returning customers please note that this is the cut we used to call "bullets"... we now use the term "loin steaks".

Featured customer reviews

  • "I read about Skrei cod and was keen to try it.  The fact that it was left on its skin was also a major advantage as fish always cooks better on its skin. It was delicious and formed part of an Italian themed dinner. Everyone enjoyed this course."
  • "First Class, best Cod I have had in Years !!!!!!"
  • "2 meaty steaks that lived up to its reputation "


Skrei - Norway’s jewel of the sea
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