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A smoked cod roe sliced in half and in thin slices
Tinner smoked cod roe in slices
Homemade taramasalata

Smoked cod roe

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Smoked cod roe has an intense smokey flavour and is quite salty. Our smoked cod roe is smoked by an expert smokehouse in the heart of the Sussex downs using the finest Icelandic cod roes. A little goes a long way. Try a thin slice on garlic bread, or make your own taramasalata. Our packs normally comprise of either one whole lobe or a pair of lobes. Here's Nigel Slater in Fukuoka getting excited about smoked cod roe.

  • Icelandic cod roe
  • Great for making taramasalata.
  • Smoked in Sussex, UK
  • Great for eating on toast
  • Hot smoked and ready to eat



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