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Thin fillets of smoked eel presented with cress and lemon
Smoked eel fillets

Smoked eel fillets

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Some condifer this the finest smoked fish of all... well worth the rather steep price. Some people like the delicate thin fillets from smaller eel which will give you up to five fillets per 100g. Others prefer strapping great fillets from large eel - where your 100g pack might contain only half a fillet. So we offer a choice (although we will not always have both in stock). Our eel supplier is a member of the Sustainable Eel Group. Dress it up with with poached eggs on toast inder hollandaise sauce That'll be one rich breakfast to remember. 

  • Dutch style smoked eel fillets
  • Our eel supplier is a member of the Sustainable Eel Group
  • Cooked and ready to eat
  • Available in thick or thin fillets
  • Why not try smoked eel on the bone


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The only added ingredients are salt and smoke.

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