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A bowl of smoked haddock kedgeree

Smoked haddock for kedgeree

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Kedgeree is a lovely word from India meaning an edible mashup, in this case of rice and fish, ideally seasoned with curry powder. It was championed by Victorians who lived in India and brought it back with them (although some Scots would have it that they exported the idea to India, where the English caught on to its total deliciousness and brought it back here.)  If you haven’t tried it you have an exciting date coming up.  These are the trimmings from producing our best cuts and bullets. However, we have skinned and boned them, so they’re 100% edible, and ready to roll. And if you’re a kedgeree-making sort, you might like to embark on our smoked haddock eggs recipe. 


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All smoked fish contains added salt. Does not contain dye.

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