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Two whole golden bullets of smoked haddock on white paper

Smoked haddock loin steaks

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  • 322021

The bullet is the thickest part of the fillet, with the most luxurious flakes of fish. You may also know the 'bullet' as the loin. That’s where these came from. Now don’t go misinterpreting ’golden’. We chose it because it gives us a catchy name, not because they have been dyed - the only colour is the natural colour of the smoking process. This is carried out in an 80-year-old chimney, which brings them to a nice ’fresh straw’ hue. Vacuum packed and 99% guaranteed no bones. If these bullets are out of stock, you need our fillet steaks - same fish, different shape, equivalent experience. The bullets are skin on and have been cold smoked so they need to be cooked. 

  • These bullets are portioned from the upper loin
  • This haddock is smoked over oak
  • This haddock has protected geographical indication
  • There are two skin-on steaks per pack


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