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Smoked haddock fillet on ice skin side down

Smoked haddock - whole fillet

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One of our finest and most popular lines. Large undyed fillets from a small family smokery in Grimsby. Superb quality. The whole fillets look as stunning as they taste, but we also offer this item more conveniently in steaks and ’bullets’, and as a kedgeree pack (skinned and boned offcuts perfect to make into two servings of this legendary rice and smoked haddock dish). We have been buying smoked haddock from this 100-year-old smokehouse for over 10 years. Grimsby smoked fish is internationally recognised and has been given Protected Geographical Indication, just like champagne from Champagne in France. They don't use any unnatural additives or dyes that you might recognise in cheaper supermarket smoked haddock. Our smoked haddock has a mellow straw-like colour and a smooth oak-smoked aroma. There is one fillet per pack. 

Featured customer reviews

  • "Many years ago when I lived in my native Scotland, a breakfast or teatime treat was a generous steak of real smoked haddock. Unfortunately, the ersatz stuff from supermarkets did not fit the bill but the place to which I had moved provided only this poor imitation: then I found The Fish Society. Now I am once again eating top-quality smoked haddock. So THANK YOU."
  • "Good size nice smoke well packed and presented"
  • "Really enjoyed the whole smoked haddock fillet, an exceptionally good size and very tasty, even my grandson who is not a great fish lover enjoyed it, I will certainly be buying more of this."


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