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Arbroath Smokies
Arbroath Smokies
Arbroath’s very real contribution to world cuisine. These are small whole haddock (head off and cleaned, but otherwise left on the bone) which have been hot-smoked - in other words, smoked and cooked simultaneously. Very different from...
From £7.00
One finnan haddock on ice
Finnan haddock
Rick Stein: ’smoking makes haddock special, and Finnan haddock is the most special of all.’ This is on-the-bone smoked haddock, originally ’invented’ in the village of Findon, which you will find about five miles down the coast from...
From £12.90
Two whole golden bullets of smoked haddock on white paper
Golden bullets of smoked haddock
The bullet is the thickest part of the fillet, with the most luxurious flakes of fish. That’s where these came from. Now don’t go misinterpreting ’golden’. We chose it because it gives us a catchy name, not because they have been dyed -...
From £11.80
Smoked haddock fillet on ice skin side down
Smoked haddock - whole fillet
One of our finest and most popular lines. Large undyed fillets from a small family smokery in Grimsby. Superb quality. The whole fillets look as stunning as they taste, but we also offer this item more conveniently in steaks and...
From £12.30
Two smoked haddock fillet steaks on white paper background
Smoked haddock fillet steaks
Prime thick mid-fillet portions matched for weight and shape. From large undyed fillets of smoked haddock produced in the legendary listed smokehouses of Radio 4 Food Programme stars, Alfred Enderby Ltd. They have Protected Geographical...
From £9.10
A bowl of smoked haddock kedgeree
Smoked haddock for kedgeree
Kedgeree is a lovely word from India meaning an edible mashup, in this case of rice and fish, ideally seasoned with curry powder. It was championed by Victorians who lived in India and brought it back with them (although some Scots would...
From £6.90
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